Why wrinkledog

Brief History

In 1999, four aspiring and talented people from Freightliner, Tektronix, Intel and Xerox decided to leave their day jobs and venture out to form their own online agency. We were young and tired of sitting in cushy chairs...we had energy and we were eager to embrace true entrepreneurship!  Thankfully, our youthful vigor was rewarded. 

Our Quest

Our quest into entrepreneurial waters began when each of our founding partners watched large companies throw tens of thousands of dollars needlessly at individual website projects. It was frustrating to work at Fortune 500 companies and see money wasted, especially when we knew we could do it better. So that became our goal: “We can do it better and we can do at an affordable cost.”

This Dog Can Hunt

This year we're extremely proud to be celebrating our 13th year in business — no small feat in this industry!  For well over a decade our mantra has remained the same but now we back up the claim with a plethora of satisfied customers.  We have steadfastly remained true to our core principles.  With the inevitable changes that all companies endure, two of our original founders remain with the company today. Our team has grown and thrived, met challenges and evolved. We remain on the leading edge of this extremely competitive and ever-changing industry.