The Name: “wrinkledog”

Start typing some other stuff.

What's in a name? Or should we say — what's with the name? That is probably our most frequently asked question. So how did we come up with the name “wrinkledog?” Well, after dreaming up over 100 different and clever company name ideas, we began checking online to see if they had registered domains — they all did . We were bleary eyed and a little punchy when in walked Mollie the sharpei. One of our inspired founders blurted out, “How about ‘wrinkledog’!?” Immediately we raced to the computer (we didn't have wireless laptops back in the olden days of 1999) and saw that “” was available. Problem solved — we decided to call ourselves “wrinkledog, inc.” Our Art Director quickly put together our famous logo and we were off to the (dog) races. At that point, we didn't care what people called us, we just wanted people to call us!

Still Barking

Our company name is fun in a high-tech industry:

  • CATCHY — Yah, we're unforgettable.
  • EASY TO SPELL — Enough said.
  • MEMORABLE — We aspire to leave an impression.