E-Mail Marketing with FIDO 2

FIDO 2 Is The Smart E-Mail ServiceEmail Marketing FIDO 2

FIDO 2 is a simple to use e-service, allowing you to communicate your message in a direct, consistent, professional and personalized manner. With FIDO 2, you can easily keep your customers and members informed of announcements, such as new products, services or upcoming events. For pennies on the dollar, FIDO 2 is the easiest and most affordable way to professionally communicate your message to your audience.

FIDO 2 Is Powerful

FIDO 2 includes all the technical muscle to ensure each campaign is smooth sailing: advanced list management to ensure mailing lists don't include duplicate addresses; bounce-handling so you don't get an inbox full of bad addresses; web-based unsubscribe request handling. FIDO 2 also produces html e-mail that seamlessly matches your online look to reinforce your brand. Finally, FIDO 2 delivers meaningful statistics to accurately measure the success of each campaign as well as the ability for trend analysis.

FIDO 2 Brags Key Features

  • Fully Branded HTML e-mail: Your e-mail matches your online branding, consistent with your web site, for a total customer experience.
  • Super Simple Word-like editor to make creating a professional e-mail, with your branding, a snap!
  • Meaningful Statistics/Tracking: Real time, accurate tracking of the success of each campaign and trend analysis.
  • Social Networking: Create Facebook and Twitter links inside your e-mail to spread your message to other media.
  • List Management: FIDO 2 takes care of all the technical hassles, (de-duplication, bounces, unsubscribe requests), delivering both html and plain-text e-mails for timely and extraordinary results.
  • Private Lists: FIDO 2 provides private lists so you can communicate to a certain subset of special customers and be assured no one else can “sign up” without your approval.
  • List Segmentation: Create sub-segments to a list so that you can easily communicate to each segment properly.
  • FIDO 2Subscription Page: Consistent with your branding, the subscription page looks identical to your web site (not just your logo stuck in a corner on a stark white page).
  • No Co-Branded Messaging: The only logo your customer and members see is yours. (You won't see “powered by wrinkledog, inc.” just as you wouldn't expect to hear “powered by AT&T” at the end of your phone call.)

FIDO 2 is available as a do-it-yourself web-tool or as a service. Contact us to learn how e-mail marketing can help improve your office's operational efficiency.