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Do You Really Know Your Customers?


Market Research — Know Thy Customer

It is a foundational business princple — "Know Thy Customer". If you don't know who your customers, members or constituents are, what they want or why they may be excited or displeased with your organization, you are what we would term a "sad dog".

Industry Experts Lead The Way

wrinkledog's market research team can help you get the data you need to objectively answer your thoughts and assumptions from those who know you best — your customers. wrinkledog can ease your market research efforts by formulating your survey, sending the e-invitation and analyzing the data. The end results is objective data in which you can translate into wise and informed business decisions.

key survey components

  • Conditional Questions: Allows you to help speed the survey process for respondents who bla, bla, bla and get details from others.
  • Cross-Tabulation: Quickly discover how someone's answer to one question impacts the responses to others. For example: Coffee drinkers are 2:1 more likely to prefer beer to wine.
  • Randomize Responses: To ensure that particular responses are not getting selected because they are the first in the list of possible choices.
  • Outstanding Graphics for Powerpoint or Word: Make your report or presentation sizzle with wrinkledog's stunning graphical data representation of the facts.

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