Industrial Strength Web Design

Technical Services

There are those who write code and those who provide services. We are not a group of techno-geeks out to create some new wiz-bang doo-hicky just because it's cool. Instead, we are driven to turn complex code into practical solutions for business. Our customized software applications provide you with one-stop answers to all of your complex e-business marketing needs.

FIDO – Email Marketing

The most cost effective way to consistently communicate with your constituents is by e-mail. FIDO provides tracking metrics to help you quantitatively understand what messages connect best with your customers, members or constituency.

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WOOF! 2.0 –Simple Website Management

Most content management systems have one thing in common — they are difficult to use. Usually they come with several "features" that you will never use and require you to think like an IT Professional.

wrinkledog’s WOOF! 2.0 Website Management makes keeping your site up-to-date simple, fast and easy.

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Google AdWords™

If the phrase "Google AdWords" sounds like a made-up term, then you've come to the right place.

wrinkledog will help you define your objectives, implement a solution and accurately measure the results.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Is your site getting the attention it should? Are potential customers missing you because you don't turn up well in search engines?

wrinkledog's SEO experts can help improve your rankings and make this voodoo-magic work in your favor. 

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Web 2.0

From Podcasting to RSS Feeds; from blogs to Twitter, wrinkledog has the bases covered. 

wrinkledog's savvy team of experts are more than ready to help you tackle and conquer this brave new world.

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