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March 17, 2014 — by: PR Director
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HopeartacademyOn Monday afternoon, Hope Rising Board Chair Tasha Meyer contacted wrinkledog. They had just received the funding necessary to open their charter school. Enrollment was starting soon, but they didn’t have a website which would be critical for the enrollment process.

Our board is finalizing the development of a charter school with a youth center for the arts after school for the entire community's youth. Would you be willing and have the time to develop a website over the next week (can be a work in progress but need the basic content in by Sunday of this week).

We realize that is a crazy turn around time.

wrinkledog met with Tasha on Tuesday and by Saturday the new website for Hope Art Academy launched — complete with forms for pre-enrollment, volunteers and all the information necessary to make an informed decision about a child’s education. The result: Pre-Applications have been rolling in and Tasha is very pleased that she chose wrinkledog.

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