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November 12, 2015 — by: PR Director
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Klamath Obituary Websitewrinkledog, inc is proud to announce a new service: Klamath Obituary. Klamath Obituary makes a difficult time in life a little less burdensome, by significantly cutting the costs associated with posting an obituary for a loved one.

Most newspapers charge an arm and a leg for one paragraph and a photo. wrinkledog’s Klamath Obituary is a fraction of the cost and allows for up to six paragraphs and six photos in a photo gallery (see an example). Your loved one is worth more than one paragraph. Now you can easily afford to tell their full story and help others remember your loved one in greater detail. What’s more the memorial is always just a click away. Each person receives their own web page, so sharing their life via social media or email is a breeze.

For more information visit Klamath Obituary and click the Contact Us link.

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