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February 05, 2015 — by: PR Director
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Modoc Medical Center, New WebsiteThis week Modoc Medical Center launched its brand new website. Naturally, wrinkledog was in the middle of all the work — from design to organization of content. The project took about three months and the end result is a responsive website that is perfect when viewing on a mobile phone to large desktop monitor. Moreover the new website is built atop of wrinkledog’s amazingly easy-to-use content management software: WOOF! 2 CMS. Not only does Modoc Medical Center now have a great site, they also have one they can easily manage.

The new website better positions Modoc Medical Center as the local healthcare authority. From emergency services to long-term care, Modoc Medical Center has the right personnel, facilities and values to ensure your healthcare needs are met. CEO Kevin Kramer said, “I am very pleased with the final product that has come out of our work with wrinkledog. We look forward to working wrinkledog to make it [the website] even better.”

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