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May 06, 2015 — by: PR Director
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wrinkledog recently engaged in two pro-bono projects to support tax payers. 

No on 18-100The first project was to help Klamath residents “Learn the Truth” by explaining how out-of-control costs are to blame Sheriff’s office budget shortfall. The website is KlamathJailLevy.com. The site aims to help citizens of Klamath County understand the problem is not on the revenue side of the government’s ledger, but the cost side. The site also aims to help citizens see the game being played, in that the proponents of this measure are asking for over 3 times as much as they really need. Vote NO on 18-100.

No on 18-101The second project was to give voice to those who are being asked to pay additional taxes for services they never use — in other words, a classic socialistic transfer of wealth. Measure 18-101 asks tax payers to fund the Klamath Basin/OSU Extension Center at funding levels from 2007 — at the height of the economic bubble. This over reach for funds only provides services to a small, select number of citizens, yet everyone must pay. Since the proponents used children to get people to side with them, the site KlamathChildren.com was created to counter the claims and reveal what is really going on behind this levy request. Vote NO on 18-101.

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