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June 09, 2014 — by: PR Director
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Three-guys-and-a-podcastThree Guys And A Podcast (aka T-GAAP), have been blogging about “All Things Apple” and related technology news for the past three years.  The Three Guys are from various backgrounds, live in different parts of the country, but all use Apple products in their daily lives whether on a professional or personal basis.

Blog articles written by the Three Guys have been picked up by 9-to-5 Mac, Mac Daily News, Cult of Mac, Mac Surfer and other well respected industry news outlets. Concerning the website update, “This is really a breath of fresh air. We needed a complete make-over. Our site was old, tired, the ads didn’t work,... the content is great but now we have a website look and feel to match that,” said Mark R.

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June 02, 2014 — by: PR Director
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Crater Lake - Klamath Regional Airport Website UpdateThe Crater Lake - Klamath Regional Airport needed a website make-over. It’s web design had lasted about five years, but like paint on a house it was starting to look old and worn. wrinkledog was asked to come in and make the site modern, fun and useful.

“This Airport website redesign was a real fun project. We worked with the City, the Airport and Discover Klamath (the county tourism group) to come up with the main themes. We leveraged some promotional work from the Discover Klamath. Most of all this now puts a proper face on the website, since the airport’s rebranding and name change from ‘Klamath Falls Airport’ to ‘Crater Lake - Klamath Regional Airport’”, E. Werner Reschke, president of wrinkledog, said.

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